Friday, February 02, 2007

Question: Why do I keep attracting women who are wounded?

Answer: Looking at you I see you have some past life energy where you were very powerful and your energy affected others in a way that you were not fully aware of. You really didn’t think too much about some of the actions you took and decisions you made in your life at that time. As a result of that, sometimes that power you possessed ended up hurting the people around you, especially people that you were romantically involved with.

This lifetime it looks like you are quite an intellect. You are making sure that you think before you act. You have a deep desire to grow (and I'm not just talking about your penis.) What is really going on here is that some of these people you had romantic relationships with in these past lives are karmically coming back around giving you the opportunity to change and heal that that you were responsible for hurting in the them in the past.
Question: I have been in love before, but can you tell me how I will know who “the one” is for me?

Answer: Wouldn’t it be nifty if we could go to a psychic and they could tell us what corner to stand on so we could meet our soul mate? I hate to break it to you but it just doesn't work that way. Everyone is running around looking for “the one” when in actuality the one is whoever you pick. Obviously that person needs to pick you back, but when the two of you choose to make the relationship work more than you choose anything else, you become each other’s “the one.” I see you had a relationship when you were very young with someone that has a soul mate vibration for you, but I can’t tell you who your sole mate is, that info is just between you and your maker. And yes, you really do have a soul mate out there but just because someone is your soul mate doesn’t mean that once you find each other you are going to live happily ever after due to the little fact that we all have something called free will.

I do see you picking someone to be “the one” in your future, but I don’t see this on your agenda anytime soon. For now I see multiple romantic interests around you. I also see that you have to be careful of some who might use you as a stepping stone to get to their “the one.” Come to think about it we all kind of use each other as stepping stones to get to “the one” but I see you have especially encountered some individuals who have left you feeling rather raw. You are a sensitive guy, so pay attention, protect and take care of yourself. When you find someone who compliments your soul and you compliment theirs, you will know. Because the two of you will want to do whatever it takes to stay in it, then not.